Don’t Wait, Hydrate!

Welcome to the Alaska Pure Mountain Spring Water, Inc. official website! We are a local water delivery service in Juneau, Alaska that specializes in 5 gallon water jugs and provide the option of renting our water dispensers to our patrons as well. We deliver to office buildings, residential houses and virtually anywhere the delivery truck can access in Juneau.

My name is Dominic, and I am the proud owner of Alaska Pure Mountain Spring Water, Inc. I was born and raised right here in Juneau, Alaska and it has been great to see the interest that other locals have in the fresh water that can be found right in town!

DSC_4946About the water:

The water that our business provides comes from a spring on Thunder Mountain and feeds through a pipe that leads directly into our bottling plant. The spring water then travels through a series of five filters, sifting out any unwanted particles that are left. Our last filter is equipped with an ultraviolet ray that acts as the final gauntlet, removing any trace amounts of bacteria or debris trying to get through, making our water as pure as possible.

About the business:

Alaska Pure Mountain Spring Water, Inc. has been around for over twenty years and has changed ownership a handful of times since. The founder of the company, a distributor for Budweiser in California, acquired water rights to a mountain spring on Thunder Mountain in the early 80’s and extended a pipe to the bottling plant. His ultimate goal was to ship the water to California and distribute it from there, but his plan didn’t quite pan out and he eventually sold the company to a Juneau local.┬áThe next owner, Jimmy Satterfield, worked with a very cumbersome bottle filling process. Each bottle was handled individually, washing, rinsing, and filling until every bottle was full. Years later the company was eventually sold again, bouncing around to different owners such as Rod Moleen and John Kiel, who I credit for most of this information about the company’s history. John claimed it was the best water in the world, but other things came up and he eventually sold the business.
Finally, the water business ended up in my aunt and uncle’s hands. They made big steps for the company and turned it into what it is today. They had their own website at one point and were selling all different sizes of water bottles throughout town. They expanded the business and made big improvements on the washing and filling process. After a decade of successfully running the business they decided the company could use some young blood and undivided attention. That is where I come into play! With lots of ideas and enthusiasm about continuing on with the progression of the company, I hope I can help keep Juneau hydrated day in and day out with the freshest, local water available.

Don’t wait, hydrate!